Many aspects of the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability (fin. Tilaajavastuulaki)
October 11, 2018

The law requires the contractor to check that their subcontractors fulfill their legal obligations as contracting party and employer before they sign a contract and start cooperation. This is to ensure that the employees’ working conditions are in accordance with the occupational safety requirements and that all other employer obligations are in order.

The list of requirements is relatively simple, but the verification of the documents may turn out to be time consuming due to:
• Languages and country specific differences in local registers
• Business form of the subcontractor (limited company, private entrepreneur or something else) that influences on documentation
• Exceptions in the local legislation that may free the non-Finnish subcontractor from a certain requirement, while the contractor still needs to ensure this complies with the Finnish law
• When the subcontractor needs information also from Finland, which documentation this concerns and how to obtain it
• When and to which extent the contractor needs to request the updated documentation

Please contact us for advice if you are uncertain whether your subcontractor’s documentation complies with the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability.

We can verify the subcontractor documentation on your behalf that includes contacting the subcontractor and delivering you the required documentation as a package.

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