• Upcoming occupational safety card courses (online webinars in English language)
      January 18, 2022

      The Occupational Safety Card is a national training program that provides workers with basic information regarding work safety measures in shared workplaces. It is a standard requirement for the employees on the most construction sites in Finland. Occupational safety card courses are organized by Promolior as online training. The following course dates have been scheduled […]

    • VAT special scheme, the One-Stop-Shop (OSS) expands to cover distance selling of goods to private consumers in the EU
      July 30, 2021

      As of 1 July 2021, the European Union’s (EU) VAT rules enable E-commerce companies to handle their value-added taxes centrally in a single EU Member State. The OSS system – an electronic portal that businesses use to pay the VAT – that has earlier been available only in a few sectors, can now be used […]

    • Guidelines for border traffic as of 27 January
      January 22, 2021

      Work based travel from abroad has been restricted starting from the 27th of January that does not concern health-care or other essential traffic. Restrictions on entry into Finland will continue at least until 25 February 2021. The restriction should not influence on transport and delivery of equipment and materials but it will restrict work based […]

    • Instructions for work-based border traffic as of 14 May
      May 14, 2020

      As of 14 May 2020, the statutory restrictions on border traffic will be lifted in cross-border traffic across the Schengen internal borders by allowing employment or commission-related commuting. This means that citizens of the EU and Schengen States may travel to Finland for work. Anybody entering Finland is required to spend 14 days in a […]

    • Corona influencing on worker mobility
      April 6, 2020

      The employees who are not registered as an EU citizen in Finland at the Finnish Immigration Service, may not enter Finland unless the travel is considered necessary. In addition, persons entering Finland for the first time with the registration may not enter Finland either as of 31st of March. A travel considered necessary concerns healthcare […]

    • Reporting salaries to the Incomes Register
      January 20, 2019

      Starting from 2019 all employers must report the salaries, benefits, employment remunerations and other earnings from work to the national Incomes Register. The Incomes Register is a national online database, which contains information on wages and earnings. The incomes register replaces the old system where the same information had to be reported separately to several […]

    • Many aspects of the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability (fin. Tilaajavastuulaki)
      October 11, 2018

      The law requires the contractor to check that their subcontractors fulfill their legal obligations as contracting party and employer before they sign a contract and start cooperation. This is to ensure that the employees’ working conditions are in accordance with the occupational safety requirements and that all other employer obligations are in order. The list […]

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