Many aspects of the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability (fin. Tilaajavastuulaki)

The law requires the contractor to check that their subcontractors fulfill their legal obligations as contracting party and employer before they sign a contract and start cooperation.
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Contractors need to ensure also some subcontractor requirements

Contractor’s obligations according to the Posted Worker Act (13 §) include ensuring that the subcontractor posting the employees in Finland has submitted a posted worker notification and has assigned a local representative for posted workers.
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The obligation to give notice about posting of workers enters into force on 1st of September 2017

The company posting workers to Finland must inform the occupational safety and health authority about the posting before the work begins as of September 1, 2017. In the construction sector, a prior notice must be made without exception.
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What construction service providers need to consider in subcontracting agreements and negotiations

When the project and responsibilities are clear and the central terms have been discussed and agreed between the parties, there is normally no need to go back to the contract during the cooperation. Nevertheless, a few topics may cause sometime questions especially in the beginning of cooperation if not covered in the contract.
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