Intensive partner search
A three-month project that includes contacting 10-15 companies and arranging and participating in the meetings with the most potential prospects.

Local sales manager
Promolior working as the client’s local sales representative. Service includes client acquisition, meetings, and assistance with RFPs, proposals and negotiations as well as monthly reporting.

Project support
• Project planning assistance
• Support in resource management
• Client communication regarding ongoing and new projects
• Reclamation management and problem solving
• Administrational processes including project acceptance, invoicing and purchase order handling
• Documentation and safety management

Market research services
Market research services are tailored based on the client requirements and are ideal to be used when planning a market expansion with new business development activities.
A report comprises target companies in the defined sector, key financial information, product/service breakdown, client decision making criteria for subcontractor selection/material purchases, client acquisition processes, main contact details.
This service may include also client or telephone surveys or personal interviews designed to help to define the target group and guide in product and service development.

Marketing and administrative support
Assistance with marketing planning and materials, local recruitment activities, local service provider selection (insurance companies, banking institutions, accommodation providers etc.)

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