Company setup
Identifying the right company form and business registers based on the project and client requirements, preparation and submission of documents

Company evaluation
Tailored based on the client requirements. Typical contents of a company evaluation report:
• Company information
• Financial results
• Analysis of profitability, liquidity and solvency
• Market, customers, competition, main projects/operations
• SWOT analysis
• Valuation and matters to be considered in valuation
• Enclosures: Income statement and balance sheet summaries from the last 5 years, financial ratios

Tax consulting
International taxation, questions regarding company and personal tax liability, evaluation of the effects of taxation on business operations, VAT, withholding tax, preparation of statements and preliminary rulings

Accounting and financial management
Accounting service covers all statutory requirements such as preparing periodic reports, submitting tax returns and drafting and filing of financial statements. Our services include advice on financing arrangements, guarantees and loans, bank account setup and more.

Payroll management
Payroll management service includes payroll calculations, periodic notifications to authorities and advice on insurances and social security matters. We provide solutions for international payroll requirements while ensuring accuracy and compliance with statutory requirements for payroll taxes, withholding and employer contributions.

*) Accounting and payroll management services are offered in cooperation with a local partner

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